Video Projection

We have many different ways to do video projection from video walls to stretch fabrics and traditional screens.  Some ideas include: Business projection packages including; 2500 Lumen XGA data projectors, with an 80″ Instatheater screen and power point laser.
Or an Event Video System with 2 – 10’x14′ screens with matched 7500 Lumen projectors.  This system is either ground supported or ‘flown’ with front or rear projection.  Add a “Halo”, stretch or video wall projection.  We have many more options available.

It’s best to call for an appointment and come by and discuss with us to get a better idea of how we can make your event truly special.


How to set up a screen and projector

Shaun, of Audio Visions plus, demonstrates how to set up a screen and projector and plugging your laptop in, for making presentations like videos or power point.


80″ Instatheater
100″ Instatheater
10′ Model C
8 x 8 fastfold
8×10 fastfold
9 x 12 fastfold
10.6 x 14 fastfold
7.6 x 12 fastfold
9 x 16 fastfold
11 x 17 stretch
20 x 30 stretch

Seamless Video switchers

Blackmagic Studio Pro

Blackmagic Studio 4K

Roland VR-3EX

Kramer VP 729

Multi-Media Projectors

NEC NP 311x                              3,000 lumen
NEC NP-501x                              5,000 lumen
NEC NP 500U                              5,500 Lumens
NEC NP PA 622U                        6,200 Lumens
NEC NP PA 903x                          9,300 Lumens
NEC U300X ultra short throw   3,000 lumens  
Sanyo XP 200L                              7,500 lumens
Barco W30 Flex                           20,000 lumens
Elmo Presenter
Bell & Howell 16mm
Kodak 35mm

HD TV Monitors

24″ Vizio
32″ Vizio
42″ Sanyo
46″ Sony
60″ Sharp
60″ Sony
70″ Sharp
82″ Samsung

We also have everything you’d need to do video taping, even with multiple cameras. Video conferencing.  Live Streaming, including video and audio mixing.  Web conferencing, Pod casts and much more.  Call us and let’s discuss the possibilities.